How to work with the list of curves

This is the main page to add, edit and delete the numerical curves and sets of experimental points.

First of all, you should choose something to add on the graph.

Add curve(s) button allows you to add (currently) shock adiabats (not more than 5), release isentropes (not more than 6) and the curves of constant energy (not more than 7) on the graph. After pressing the button you should choose some substance. There are 3 ways to choose the desired substance: by selecting the type of substance and then the substance, by selecting the last substance chosen and by searching by the name of substance. The next step is to choose the number of shock Hugoniots, release isentropes and curves of contstant specific energy. Finally you will see the table with chosen data in it.

Add point(s) button allows you to add any experimental points available in the database on the graph. Press the button, choose successively the type of experimental data, the type substance (by one of 3 ways described earlier) and the sets of experimental data (not more than 20 sets). Every time press "NEXT >>" button to move to the next page. Finally you will see the table with chosen data in it.

Delete selected button allows you to delete the chosen curves or sets of experimental points from the table (and the graph). You should select the corresponding checkboxes in the first column of the table and press "Delete selected" button.

Draw button allows you to see the graph with the chosen data on it.

All the denotions in the table are explained in the bottom part of the screen; you can see the description of every denotion by clicking it.

Every curve or set of experimental data is added into the table with default values of parameters. You are allowed to change some of them. If you can not change some parameter simply delete the whole record and add the new one.